Demonic beings


  • Aitvaras, a household spirit bringing both good and bad luck
  • Baubas, an evil spirit with long lean arms, wrinkly fingers and red eyes. He harasses people and tears their hair or stifles them. To children, he is the equivalent of the boogeyman of the English-speaking countries. A misbehaving child could be told by the parents: “Behave, or baubas will come and get you”. Also it could be described as a black and dark creature living under the carpet or in some dark spot of the house.
  • Giltinė – goddess of death, also The Reaper. Other names include Kaulinyčia, Maras (black death or the Plague), Maro mergos, Kolera, Pavietrė, Kapinių žmogus. Her sacral bird is the owl. Sometimes she was considered to be a sister of Laima (luck).
  • Ragana is an old-looking female or witch. Mostly has dark intentions and powers to control forces of nature. They probably were old ladies living by the forest, having a good knowledge of plants and their use for medical and other purposes.
  • Slogutis means pain, misery or nightmare. Also can mean fear or bad feelings.
  • Pinčiukas, devil, not the pure evil being of Christianity, but a trickster. Earlier – dweller or even god of bogs and marshes.
  • Žiburinis, a scary forest spirit that appears as a phosphorescent skeleton.

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